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Noorani Qaida course

Norani Qaida in just 120 days 
Noorani Qaida course is especially designed for kids and for those adults who want to take first step into learning Quran reading starting from Arabic Alphabets . In this course we ensure you very closed attention of your teacher and very good interpersonal and communication skills to guide you step by step . Our aim in this course is to make students to be able to read the holy Quran with tajweed rules. Qaida course consist .

Quran Reading and Quran Learning online

This is very basic course to learn to read the holy Quran with proper tajweed rules . We will develop the students to identify Arabic alphabets . On the completion of this course students will be able to read the holy Quran with Tajweed rules. 

Read the holy Quran with Tajweed rules

Tajweed means “Improving,” or “to make something better.” Tajweed is a manner of beautifying the recitation of the Quran by reciting in a much slower manner than tarteel. When praying, we recite with TARTEEL, not TAJWEED . Tajweed is a form of recitation in which the rules of TARTEEL are used.

In this course we ensure you very closed attention of your teacher and very good interpersonal and communication skills to guide you step by step. Our aim in this course is to make students to be able to read the holy Quran with tajweed rules.

Hifz e Quran

Hifz course is particularly designed for those who have already completed Nazra-e-Quran, but you may take this course depending upon the student’s capability.

Quran Translation:

This course is especially designed for those who already know how to read Quran .If you don't know how to read Quran then you should take Quran Reading with Tajweed Classes before starting Translation classes. Perhaps the most fascinating aspect of the diploma course is the word to word translation of the Quran which the students learn thus enabling them to understand the entire Quran in the language chosen by ALLAH SWT. This method of learning has been devised personally by famous Islamic scholars who have endowed their students with this invaluable treasure. 

These All Courses include:

These All Courses include Pronunciation of Arabic letters correctly, i.e. from their proper origin (Makharij). 

- Quran lessons (Quran recitation with the rules of Tajweed). 

- Training of five time Prayers (Azaan, Name and timings of prayers, Fard, Wajib, Sunnat and Nafal payers). 

- Method of Jumuah, Funeral and Eid Prayers. 

- Taharah, Wudhu, Ghusal.

- Memorization of six Kalemas, Imaan-e-Mufassil & Mujmal, Ayah-tul-Kursi, Dua-e-Qunoot, various masnoon

  Duas and small Surahs.

- Basic Aqaa'id (Allah, Angels, Holy books, Holy prophets, Qiyamah, Jannat, Jahannam). 

- Islamic History, Sunnah, Manners, Islamic months, Fasting, Halal & Haram etc.

Our Mission 

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “The most superior among you (Muslims) are those who learn the Qur’an and teach it.” [Sahih Bukhari (Book #61, Hadith #546)

 We have the mission to serve the Muslim community by giving them Online Quran reading and Islamic education with more ease.
The Quran is the final revealed Book of Allah, that contains the message of guidance from Allah for all humankind. In other words, success in this world as well as the Hereafter for humankind is treasured in the Quran. Therefore, it’s our religious obligation to Learn Quran and understand it.       
 Hazrat Zaid Bin Thabit (May Allah pleased upon him) says, “Verily Allah likes that Quran is read in the way it has been revealed”Allah Almighty said in Holy Quran that:
“And We Have Made Quran Easy For People”
Basically Holy Quran is very easy Book to read but new learners need too much help of a Qualified person who can guide them and can help in correcting their mistakes.
Tajweed and its application can only be learned with a qualified Quran teacher. The rules themselves can be studied independently, but the correct application and proper pronunciation of the alphabets of Quran can only be done by reading to, listening to, reciting to, and being corrected by a qualified teacher of the Qur’an.
Online Quran tutoring is a very good home-based Quran and Tajweed learning service. We offer totally unique from any other educational program online. Our expert tutors not only excel with teaching Quran recitation to the students, but also provide students with the knowledge of what particular verses mean, thereby increasing their Islamic understanding and making the lessons as interactive as possibly could.

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Following are the list of Courses:

4.Fiqh Learning Course
5.Urdu Language Courses

1.Nazra-e-Quran / Hifz-e-Quran
Nazra is to read the Holy Quran verbally, without translation and memorization and Hifz is the memorization of the Holy Quran by heart. Hifz course is particularly designed for those who has already taken Nazra-e-Quran, but you may took this course depending upon the student’s capability. These courses includeØTajweed (Pronunciation of Holy Quran with the rules of Tajweed) ØMemorization of five time daily Prayers. ØMethod of Funeral and Eid Prayers. ØMemorization of various Prayers (Duas) ØMemorization of a few short Suras for Nazra Students (chapters) 

2.Fiqh Learning Course
Discipline that deals with understanding the commands of Allah Almighty and His Prophet (blessings and peace be upon him) is called jurisprudence (Fiqh). There are many issues in human life, which need to be understood.
Therefore it necessary to understand and obey order or Allah and his Prophet Muhammad (SAW).The following Hadiths of Holy Prophet (SAW) are sufficient to know the significance of Fiqh in Islam.
When almighty Allah wishes to do a favour on his slave, he makes him a faqih (Profound scholar of Fiqh) in religion.
When a person becomes a Faqih, Almight Allah sends the things which he longs for and his food by means unanticipated by him.
The person whom almighty Allah calls the highest is the one who is Faqih in the religion.
Against the devil, one Faqih is stronger than a thousand ‘abids (those who worship much)
Everything is based upon a pillar. The basic pillar of Islam is the knowledge of Fiqh.
Tahara (Purification)
Salat (Prayer)
Sawm (Fasting)
Zakat (Purifying Charity)
Funeral Prayer
‘Id Prayers
Islamic Etiquette & Manners
Contemporary Issues
 What is Tajweed?
The word “tajweed” means to improve, make better.
Tajweed of the Holy Qur’an is the knowledge and application of the rules of recitation so the reading of the Qur’an is as the Prophet Mohammed peace and blesings be upon him, recited.

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